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In Inspectios we focus on innovative ways of solving problems
and improving existing methods of industrial inspections.

We use drones to perform hazardous and burdensome work in hard-to-reach spaces. With our aerial vehicles many tasks are realized faster, more accurately, and above all, more safely. Drones, starting with visual and thermographic control, within years will be able to carry out simple tasks at heights.

UAV solutions are implemented by us i.a. in power and chemical plants. We also realize projects that enhance monitoring of infrastructure. We follow the rapidly developing market for drones and optimize our services with the customers, matching their individual needs. Our standards of safety and continuous training of our staff allow us to provide services of highest quality.

We invite every company, that wants to develop using modern methods, to cooperate with us. We are bringing future to your companies now.


Comprehensive solution

We deliver a comprehensive solution - from customer needs analysis to a report that contains all neccessary information. Our work can, but doesn't have to be just a collection of photographic material. Inspectios in cooperation with experts from various fields of industry will also prepare a full report with further action recommendations.


Health & Safety Standards

All of our pilots possess neccessary state licenses, along with medical examinations.

In cooperation with Health & Safety experts we developed standard safety procedures, which minimize potential risks during the flight.


Innovative methods

Using drones in inspections, repairs and maintenance will soon be a standard also in Poland. Drones can not only move in open spaces, but also in small rooms or even pipelines. We are following the newest trends in UAV market and together with our customers we want develop new applications of drones.


Transparent procedures

In Inspectios nothing is left to chance. We have created a clear inspection process and procedures for flight safety, along with comprehensive training of our operators. All that in order not to leave any room for unforeseen events during the inspection. Our customers receive information on the inspection process from setting the goals of the checkout, through the preparation, flight, to a detailed report.

Power & Utilities

Wind energy plants, photovoltaic installations. Energy powerlines inspection.


Oil & Gas

Checkout of plants, chimneys, flares.



GSM towers, tanks, railway structures, pipelines, roofs, facades, bridges.


Confined spaces

Inspections of cauldrons, inaccesible areas, tight passages.



mln $ of 2016 drone market


UAV capacity (g)


UAV operators


min. diameter of confined space (mm)

We give our customers the ability to use modern technology
with minimal risk to people and installations

Our equipment Safety procedures

What Makes Us Different

Time and cost reduction

We shorten the control, minimizing downtime. Drone powered solutions can be up to multiple times cheaper than using traditional methods.


Our services can reduce or completely eliminate the need of work under hazardous conditions during the inspection.


Delivered data can be easily archived, compared in time or shared for further analysis.


Our services are precisely directed to industrial customers. We constantly improve in operating UAVs and performing specialized services.


Confined spaces